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Sticky FOTP2022

Such a beautiful weekend last week.

I had the opportunity to share in the amazing event that is ‘Festival of the Photocopier’! Run by the team of Sticky Institute, the weekend is filled with lovely people and an amazing atmosphere of lovely people from every section of our amazingly diverse social scene.

I met some lovely people as usual, had fantastic discussions, and even sold a few little books!

If your into zines and printed material make sure you try and catch this amazing gathering in 2023!

Talk to me about the Summer

When I say this what do I really mean?

I am not talking about the heat and wind; changes in conditions; smells; this is about colour. The colour of summer.

The colours are so rich and red, orange yellow, I’m not even sure they exist any other time of the year. There is a vibrancy I can’t explain, and a warmth we long for most of the time.

Tell me about your summer colours and how they inspire you.

Get Out There

Even though COVID has us still hiding under our pillows waiting for the next variant to drop and ruin us, the sun is shining and cleansing us all of our state based hibernations.

I EMPLOR you all to go see some sun, find a nice quiet space, drag out your sketch book, camera, paints and enjoy a few hours of slow creativity.

Let your minds wander and enjoy some creativity.

It’s chicken soup for the mind.

2022 Has Begun

The New Year has begun and so have I.

It’s the first week in and all my plans are slowly falling into place. Bookings for workshops, designing my own, and some time spent in my studio just making whatever silly thing enters my mind.

I am hoping to increase my production as well on little trinkets and products you can all purchase from my ETSY Store .

But here we go, Strap yourself in!

Get Ready

The festive season is upon us, and it’s a great time to reflect on the things we have done well, thing we could do a little better, and things we need to change in our life.

I’m blessed to have an amazing job, wonderful family, and friends that underdstand me in almost every way.

Maybe we use those three things as our headings to talk about how I am looking forward into 2022

Job: Teaching and advising the wonderful perplexing world of Photography Printing. I have to admit that it has been a dream of mine for many years to be able to do this. I have studied and studied and now made it to a point where I am quite content to work in the industry I have been training for. I have already been looking quite deeply into courses and extra education in specific fields to ‘value add’ to my work place.

Family: The big thing with family is quality time together. This has been kid of lacking again during the pandemic. This might sound quite odd but it’s very true. The anxiety of being stuck in our own homes, away from the world has changed the way we interact quite a lot. So it might be time to reintroduce family dinner once a week where we all sit at the table and have a meal together.

Friends: This one is harder to organise but I know I have to. Making a little time for other people in my life is something I have neglected for a very long time. I was unwilling and unable to do this because, well, I just am very socially awkward and never properly felt comfortable around many people. The other problem has always been I didn’t drive. I was a public transport user and that made it very hard to get around and make time for others in my life. Now I have my own car and there is no excuse. So 2022 is the land of new friendships for me.

That’s about it. If I come up with any other silly little things I will let you all know, but I think 2022 for me is going to be about improving my work life and knowledge, reconnecting with family, and making as many new friends as I can.

New in 2022

It’s with great delight I advise you all of something special for 2022.

Oddly it’s nothing really major apart from MORE CONTENT and MORE REGULARLY.

I have been at my new printing job for a few months now and have finally found some rhythm. There are jobs that need to be performed quite regularly, but I have managed to work out some time between things to allow myself some more blogging time.

With this wonderful medium I will discuss book, photo books, zines, photo printing and risograph printing.

So jump on board and get excited about 2022.

Been Busy…

So it’s weird having a full time job. I forgot how much time it sucks out of your life for other pursuits.

But in saying that I am so super happy. Been meeting some amazing people on this new journey and look forward to sharing everything I have been able to achieve.

If your looking for some wonderful photography to view over the weekend why not head over to Yarra Sculpture Gallery and see ZENITH by the lovely students from Photography Studies College.

Working closely with the students, they have managed to make and create some beautiful prints for their exhibition. It has been wonderful watching them check, adjust, and test print their ideas and get them to a polished ready to show state.

My personal work has dropped off a little as I try and manage my time and find ways to create new works. I have a couple of little things in the fire, and will reveal more soon.

Studio Reopens SO SO SOON

The great thing about everything starting open in Melbourne is I am able to get back in my studio soon and paint, print, and explore as much as I like!

I need to collect a little tech for the studio as some stuff isn’t running as smooth as it can, but that’s not to super horrible at the moment and wont break the bank.

So expect a flurry soon of new things I will promote and be showing off to you all.

Lockdown Ending… Sort Of

Well it is the beginning of the end of lockdown for all of us here in Victoria Metro.

Soon we can leave our house, eat at a cafe, maybe even visit a store or two in the very near future. The most important thing in all of this is the ability to think outside again and start to connect with the world.

My art has suffered over these lockdowns and I have really missed connecting with galleries and artistic places. Just the sheer amount of inspiration I haven’t been able to experience by visiting a gallery, large or small, has been quite amazing.

I have found myself continually baffled by how deprived I have felt mentally and exhausted by lack of artistic creation flowing form my hands, or being presented to me by peers and wonderful artists from around the world.

The feeling of warm sun as I read a wonderful book and enjoy a coffee isn’t far away now.

When it ends, I will start

With life the way it is at the moment, it’s hard to get a true handle on things.

Now that lockdowns have started to ease, the ‘virus’ isn’t stopping our lives and making moving round a little easier than it has been for quite a while, life is starting to reboot a little. We are now able to move around and enjoy the outdoors and life in general a little more.

Each week seems to bring more changes. With the changes come ways of trying to deal with these changes and how to adjust. Are they new challenges or freedoms we are discovering? How do we accept and adjust ourselves back to a ‘norm’ when we have lived in isolation for so long?

These questions are pondered over and over. I have now answer, but will definitely enjoy the discussion.